This course is designed to understand the factors in the process of first and second language acquisition and their implications on the teaching of English in formal and non-formal situation and how these have influenced language learning and language teaching. 

This course is designed to introduce students to the development and principles of major theories of literature and clarify the concepts of style in literature.  

This course continues the development of writing skills started in ENGL111.

The course deals with two major types of writing: the first one is a functional writing which consists of preparing a detailed CV and an application letter. These are prepared both manually and electronically. The second is an academic writing which consists of writing a research paper. Students will be exposed to fine techniques of research and critical writing. They will also be introduced to using the library and the internet for research purposes. They are also guided on how to avoid plagiarism during research. (Prerequisite: ENGL111, OFTE124

This course is designed to give the learners a general insight and artistic appreciation of European Literature.  Identify major developments and movements and classify various themes relating to the time period and culture.   The students also interpret and critique the assigned texts of selected authors.  

This course provides a study of the art, craft, and business of the theatre. Emphasis is placed on the audience’s appreciation of the work of the playwright, director, actor, designer, producer, and critic. Upon completion, students should be able to demonstrate a vocabulary of theatre terms and to recognize the contributions of various theatre artists.

Speech Communication aims to acquaint you with various aspects including interpersonal communication (interviews), public speaking, and group communication. The course intends to familiarize you with the planning, preparation and delivery of various speeches viz. informative and persuasive speeches. You will research, outline, and deliver short presentations as well as longer speeches. You will also act as a critic of fellow students’ work. Moreover, The purpose of the course is to enhance your self-confidence, develop and sharpen your oratorical, interviewing, critical thinking, and leadership skills.