Dear student,

The course is designed as an introduction to the broad field of community health and to the role and functions of the community health nurse in Kenya. The care of families, population groups and communities is stressed.  Supervised practical experiences include functioning as a member of the health team at local health centres, making follow-up home visits, organizing outreach health units, providing school health services, doing community assessments and immunizing community children.  Biostatistical data from local agencies, the Kenya Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization are used for determining the epidemiology of disease burdens of the African continent, and for implementing primary prevention strategies.  The course provides 3 hours of theory and 5 hours of practicum experience in varied community settings.

This course is designed to help the student to acquire knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for identifying and managing common problems affecting the health of individuals, families and populations. It includes recognizing, preventing and providing care to those suffering from communicable and vector borne diseases.

 It focuses on introduction to community health nursing practice, district nursing, techniques for health information dissemination, referral systems, community organization models, working with groups, disaster management, vulnerability and vulnerable groups, management of special groups, social services;  emerging and reemerging infectious diseases; practicum; field trip.

Theory 5 credit hours; practicum 3 credit hours.